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Designs by Michele Conti





Turn Your Design Dreams Into a Reality

FROM ONE WINDOW TO A WHOLE HOUSE… Designs by Michele can fulfill your vision. We are dedicated to creating innovative and unique window treatments and interiors. By understanding your needs, giving sound advice and offering quality products and service.
When you surround yourself with items of personal signifiance and colors that enliven your senses your enviornment can then support what you value most in life, your home, it has a heart and soul,  like its owners it tells a story of its past and just as importantly the people who currently live there, I believe in honoring the integrity of the house, as well as the lifestyle of its owners.

What I Offer


Interior Design Consultation

Personalized attention for all your design needs


Custom Window Treatments

Window Treatments to suit your every need.

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Home Staging

Interior design done right

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection”


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Contact Me

Fill out the form and we can email or call you about your project, explain our services and answer any of your questions.   We love talking about interior design, architecture, furniture and to see how we can help create your perfect dream home!  


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